“Nobody knows my name” James Baldwin

This book is honest and I believe that it had a significant value for honesty. James Baldwin through “Nobody knows my name” Helps me to appreciate the Ins and outs, ups and downs(and everything in between) of being a black man in this world. I love how he helps me connect the dots somehow, that all black men across the globe are almost the same person because they have faced (for hundreds of years) the same problem; oppression from the white man.


Can you imagine, it was so interesting to see how these writers were discussing about Pan African ism in all its complexities back then, especially because of the respective sociopolitical climates each writer was living in during that time.


It’s all about the little things

Karen Wodstrup

Hello my lovely readers! Yes, it’s me. I’m still here. If you hadn’t noticed already then I’ve been ‘gone’ for a good month now. Long story short: Like every other human on this earth, I’ve basically just been extremely busy. We all have those periods and when it get’s ‘too much’ it’s important to say STOP. So that’s what I’ve been doing the last month, however I’m back in business now.

For today’s post I’ve decided to share with you “the little things in life”. Over the past month I’ve really noticed all the little things in my life, which just makes each day a tiny bit better. And like Joy from Inside Out says: “A great day will turn into a great life”. Which I COMPLETELY agree with.

  • Early and brisk morning walks
  • Tea (and hot beverages in general) which has THE PERFECT temperature
  • Evening showers and then…

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It was four o’clock in Accra. It was Sunday. Any other night, Delali Benson would have been in bed for two hours by this time. But she was a wash-woman, and Monday morning meant a great deal to her. So she collected the soiled clothes on Saturday when she returned the clean things. Sunday night after church, she sorted them and put the white things to soak. It saved her almost a half day’s start.

One day something just happened, she lifted her eyes to the door and saw him(husband) standing there bent over with laughter at her fright. She screamed at him but she’s careful about everything she does knowing how abusive the man is. She does everything she was told to do but never reported the abuse she was going through in the house. I have been abused for more than twenty years(20yrs). hahahaha!!!, Yes, you are wondering why i was still with him. Because I thought I could change him and  because I believed he wanted to change. We even went to counseling together. Everyone has the right to live in dignity in their own home, free from fear of violence or harm. I have felt angry, mystified and somewhat jilted.

Now, this is what happened. Over the years I took out several Intervention Orders on him, which I then dropped when he made his promises and sometimes, even, threats against me. When his violence became much worse and was being directed at the children, I changed. I began to believe that it was my fault and felt like I was in this roller coaster that I couldn’t get off. I look in the eyes of my baby girls and knew that they watched every bit. It helped to be able to see the truth. My husband and i later got divorced which was difficult for me but I had to try.

After our divorced, he started to stalk me. I didn’t see it coming. Just because I was talking to my neighbor he got jealous and followed me to my room after my neighbor entered his house. He came bellowing over, so I quickly run inside and locked the door. After some few minutes he called me outside and declared he loved me so much that he couldn’t live without me. I could hear him loud and clear but i ignored and carried the kids upstairs. I didn’t call the police because I was thinking ‘what would they do?’ and they will probably say ‘you guys just had an argument’ or whatever .


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I later heard a noise on the door, he threw his  fist through the door and when he was able to open it, he started throwing insult at me, destroying  my self-esteem by telling me how worthless I was and continued with the mind games. He stripped me of my dignity and self respect. ‘Fat horse’ and ‘nun’ were the only words he used to address me by. My thoughts were scattered. As he drew closer, my kids cried Mummy! Mummy!! Mummy!!!

I thought: I cannot be free, he will hunt me down; this was his only promise to me. I wondered: Is there nowhere to take refuge and shelter? Must I leave my home that I have purchased and paid for with my own sweat and labour? As the kids cried, it made him worried and leave. I lived in fear of my life. Later i had to go give my kids to colleague at work to take care of them .

I skipped work for a week asking for a sick leave just to think my life through and know my way forward in life. I read books, prayed and watched movies just to reduce my depression. I never skipped my counseling class every evening. Finally he came back to me  , and this time around whatever he does or say  i just ignored him. He realized that i had changed, i don’t fight back neither do i exchange words with him. The only way that could prevent me from seeing him ever again was to show evidence at court , i did that by recording him with the camera hidden. Whenever i left him at home he could bring in numerous girls to have fun with, which i didn’t care. All i wanted was my peace. He would come home from work and yell at me about everything and anything. Then later he would act like nothing was wrong. I was always walking on eggshells trying not to upset him.

A man who doesn’t give me a penny when leaving and home, who doesn’t contribute to anything i do after he got employed had the gut to tell me  I was a bitch, he spat on me and hit me and  I was bedridden for 2 days. This made excuses to people about how I was injured. He pulled a knife and stabbed my bedding, threatened me with objects, drove the car at high speeds with me in it. All because his food was too hot and why didn’t i tell him about that earlier. The police had given me just one week to observe things happening to me. And he did that on a Thursday, i had to endure and pray just for him not kill me but this should just be over.

On the seventh day, we heard a knock on our door, which i knew it was the police. He opened the door and ask who he was and the man introduced himself as a friend to me. This man was a Criminal Investigative Officer who works with the Criminal Investigation Department (CID). He banged the door at me and came directly to the dinning table, whispered in my ears , Hey you strumpet, your lover is outside waiting for you. I ignored him and walked away to the door, he held my hair and pulled me back. Where do you think you are going? As he shouted into my ears. All i could say was , Please leave me alone, I am hurting. He pushed me hardly then i hit my forehead on the couch ,blood started oozing out. He ran to me are you okay? As he rushed back to the bedroom upstairs just to get the first aid box , i tried my best to get up to open the door. I felt dizzy and fainted in the hands of the Crime Investigative man.

To be continued…




A Letter to my 21-year-old self from the Year 2063

Dear Irene Yaa Frimpomaa Sasu,

I write to you from a future I am not happy and proud of living in, and I hope this letter guides you at least to forge a better future than I currently find myself in for yourself.

I am sending you this letter from a place where our continent has been invaded and no longer ours, a place where many young people have no dreams anymore and the old folks all lost of hope. Our resources; the diamonds of Botswana, the gold of South Africa, the cocoa of Ghana and all the resources that some years ago was ours now belongs to huge multinational companies and conglomerates. We no longer have working governments but puppets controlled by these companies. Our forests all gone, our waters all polluted. I am quite sure you still have fish to eat – here, there is no fish and I miss it.

Our salaries are nothing compared to what our masters make. All of the money we work so hard and tirelessly for never stays here at home in Africa – all of it is sent away in large planes to the west which is the home for these huge companies. Our economy is dictated to us and we almost have no say. The Africa we used to complain about some years ago in terms of growth and development is now worse off – everything has fallen apart.

And you know those things you people call trees? We don’t have them here anymore; we cut them all to produce furniture for countries abroad and to build homes. All we have now are some artificial ornaments that look like trees – an invention by these companies propelled by electricity and that’s how we get oxygen to breathe.

You know some years ago the United Nations came up with the Sustainable development goals, right now in this place – there is no way we can achieve that, everything has fallen apart. I mean how can we achieve sustainable development goals when we have multinational companies dumping waste into our water bodies, mining our forests and pumping poison into our air space?

Irene I write this to you because I believe more in you and in your generation and that you would not end up the way I have. Africa is not just a place like it is for the rest of the world – for us it is home, the place where everything great can happen.

Even as I write this to you – I feel the heat of the sun rays even more than it used to be; experts say something called the ozone layer has now completely depleted.

Irene your generation has the numbers – you have the highest number of young people as compared to any other place on earth, use these numbers. You have the power to create the largest businesses in the world; you have the power to decide how you want to be ruled and controlled, and how this continent should look like in the next one hundred years. There is no end to what you can achieve.

You have goals; sustainable development goals and the African Unions Agenda, let these be your commandments.

Build sustainable cities, and control your waste so you don’t have it polluting your waters and killing the life in there. Continue to enjoy the beautiful breeze your trees produce and refuse to exploit your natural resources.

Your generation is smart, intelligent and creative – explore ways you can unite to create jobs for yourselves and at the same time protecting your environments. Take charge of the opportunities this continent has to offer before some others do.

Unite with one another from all countries across the continent and build it, remember Africa is not for sale. Only you have power to make it happen – no corporation does.

When you do these, in the years to come when you still have access to fresh water, clean air and still have tress that were made by God, you’ll have yourself to thank for making it happen and taking control.

Irene, when your stories are told some day, by the next generations that come after, you’ll always be remembered in their books of history as “the ones who did not let Africa down’’ and you will never be forgotten.

Your generation is phenomenal and has all it takes. Make it happen.


Your 66 year’s old self.

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My mistake was to justify his actions(3)

Hey, did you do anything bad to Ryan? So why did he canceled the wedding.

I really don’t know Irene. Hmmmm.

My phone rings. Nancy give me few minute will get back to you. It’s him, he finally called.

Irene, why don’t you call me?

Kay, are you asking me why I don’t call? Hey check your call log , the number of times I had call you but you didn’t pick my call.

I really don’t know what I have done wrong Kay, you only call when you feel like talking to me, not even a text from you either.

You’re are right dear, I have been a bit busy okay. Kay where are you , hello! Hello!! Hello!!! Kay where are you?

The line cut. Hmmm

Irene are you ok , said Nancy.

No I am not. For the past few weeks Kay behaves awkwardly towards me. I really don’t get him. And when he called I could hear a female voice at the background saying honey I am done. I asked where he was and he just hanged up the phone on me.

Nancy I really want to quit with him and have a peace of mind.

He is draining me. Can’t you the pain In my eyes?

The scars..can’t you see it? it’s still red

I care.

and its the one thing that causes me the most pain.

It breaks me to see and to discover that the people that I care for the most don’t care at all, not necessarily for me. But not at all completely.

Nancy I will just ignore him and focus about my life.

Let go out later okay. We need to have enough sleep tonight.

To be continued…

Don’t be Swayed the best fluffy

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The Political Voyage of Ghana

Seated along the Gulf of Guinea and the Atlantic Ocean is an estimated 239,000 kilometer squared Republic called Ghana. This territory emerged in the 11th century due to the springing up of many kingdoms and empires, of which The Ashanti Kingdom, was the most powerful. Formerly called The Gold Coast, this territory was annexed through trade by the British in the 19th Century during the era of the Scramble for Africa and its Partitioning. 

Photo by: @visualfrenzy.

On 6th of March 1957, Ghana became the first country in Sub-Saharan Africa to gain independence. The Pioneer of this struggle, the first Prime Minister and President, Osagyefo Kwame Nnloma (Nkrumah). The post-independence of Ghana was characterized by both Military and Civilian government rule.

In 1981, the Provisional Defense Council’s Flt. Lieutenant J.J Rawlings became president through a military junta. This period was considered a worrying time for the country with cases of unjustified imprisonment and the culture of silence among citizens. Year after this however, the veteran politician, Jerry John Rawlings, argued that the country was in mayhem and structures were not working to their best of abilities because of hard corruption and accountability, and hence his decision to lead the revolution.

But the declining nature of the economy as it were, soon coaxed the military regime to compromise. A new Constitution called the 1992 Constitution brought about a multi-party state. This constitutional democracy led to the proliferation of some political parties prior to the 1996 elections. JJ Rawlings was then elected by the ballot and became a civilian government.

Ghana is a unitary democratic State. Power is to the people who under the Constitutional mandated Universal Suffrage exercise their franchise after every four years to either change or maintain. The main governance structures are the Legislature, the First Arm of Rule  ; The Executive | Cabinet  ( Second Arm ) ; The Judiciary ( The Third Arm ) ; and in extension The Press (the Fourth Arm ). This system of governance structures is modelled after the British System.

The Traditional Constitutional Institution like Chieftaincy plays a critical role in the leadership of the grassroots. Kings and Queens are the rulers in the various communities and they administer justice. They are also revered as the royal curators of traditions.