There are many in this world who would do anything to get just that one chance to make amends for their past misgivings. Yet very few get this golden opportunity while the majority is saddled with that nostalgic remorse and regret.
When the main character tries to commit suicide, he gets to spend the titular “one more day” with his deceased mother. During the visit, he reminisces about his life growing up in a broken home, the mistakes he made, and how we would do it differently if he could. Interspersed are examples of how he did not stand up for his single mother and/or how she did stand up for him.
This book is intriguing and emphasizes beautifully on a mother-son relationship. It makes one reflective and also makes ones eyes go moist and choke with emotion. The few words quoted in the book as the character’s father tells him “mama’s boy or daddy’s boy chick? What’s it gonna be?” As he recalls this statement in the end, he is made to realize by his mother that “a child should never have to choose.” You may believe it or not, but after I read this book, I love both my parent more and more. I try to be a better daughter for them, and I try to understand and appreciate every little thing they’ve done for me.

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REVIEW- ”If Beale Street Could talk”.(JAMES BALDWIN)

I sought out this book because I had seen Barry Jenkins’s (Moonlight) film adaptation a few months ago and also because i really enjoy reading James’s novels. I was curious about the romantic tone of the movie. Why wasn’t there more about the false charge? What happened to the racist cop? Anyways reading another novel from James Baldwin titled “If Beale Street Could talk”, he tells you a simple story of gross injustices inflicted on people of color in New York City in the 60s and 70s.
Reading this book, which is his fifth novel, you might call it a love story, and you would be right. Fonny and Tish from their respective black families fall in love and are about to get married. Fonny loves the art of sculpting, but for this passion he has to tolerate his mother’s and sisters’ scorn. Just as Tish discovers that she’s with child, Fonny is thrown into prison on a false charge of rape, because a white policeman is set on ruining him out of spite.  (I am not a racist but racism must stop)
Fonny is one of the more ‘fortunate’ ones though. He has a support system in Tish and her family. Not every young black man had such sustenance. There’s a tragic story of another man, Fonny’s childhood friend Daniel, which illustrates another all-too real glimpse at the cruel offense of bigotry and the lasting effects of a brutal incarceration within the American prison system.
This is a book about injustice, about family sticking together, about community, and it is about love, real love, soul trembling love. It is the type of love that, when your lover walks in the room, you feel your insides turn to Champagne (LOL) with frenzied bubbles and a cork in your throat trembling to hold it all in.
One thing I’ve learned about life is those that have the least to give, give the most.  We should never stop giving too, for there is a blessing in giving.20190520_095820.png


Ending of #January book #readinggoals. Last book read for January was #Becoming. I understand the hype! #aladywholovestoread
Let me tell you one thing about the book,this is not really a book about politics, though political experiences obviously do come into it. It’s a shame that some will dismiss this book because of a difference in political opinion, when it is really about a woman’s life.Yes , i mean a woman’s life. About growing up poor and black on the South Side of Chicago; about getting married and struggling to maintain that marriage; about motherhood; about being thrown into an amazing and terrifying position.
Funny enough, I didn’t know much about Michelle Obama nor her husband. Yes you will be surprised.So i decided to use the opportunity to read this book. Its absolutely humanized it also showed me how much they care about others. The contrast with the actual political situation is blatant. She exemplifies all of the qualities I admired most: beauty, elegance, honor, kindness, intelligence and dignity. To say that I miss the Obama’s is an understatement.And yes, I know we present what we want the world to see, but I truly do think it’s genuine. I think she is someone who really cares about people – especially kids – and wants to give them better lives and opportunities.
Conclusion::🙏🙏🙏 I am awestruck by you Michelle Obama. The beginning of this book , we find Michelle at home….home alone. Not at the White House. She was no longer the First Lady. Simply a night alone in her own house. None of us readers have lived in the White House – but she shares a story that most readers will connect with. It’s priceless, moving, and powerful. I suggest taking a moment to reflect on your ‘own’ similar experience. I’m sure a memory will surface! Enjoy it. A moment of solitude. If you like cheese toast – this might be a time to have a slice. As for me, i love Samosa
Her final message is one of hope, of letting people in, and helping others. I received it.

Book Review( The Smart Money Woman)

I didn’t care so much for the story line of the book when I started. It seemed very cliche, stereotypical and very much centered on Nigerian life so I had a hard time relating to it. However, the lessons were good! The Smart Money Woman is the story of Zuri, a gifted woman working in the investment sector going through times of financial hardship only because she was unable to plan her budget and balance her spending.

At the end of each chapter, there are some short financial advices and a couple of exercises that will help you to track your expenses, think about the right savings and investments and prioritize your debt payment. 

Every young woman needs to read this, the earlier the better. I enjoyed the approach the author used, I.e, utilising fiction with key lessons and I sure did learn a few tricks to track my finances. However, I personally do not think the average Nigerian woman would be able to relate with the characters in the book as all of them seem to fall under upper middle class.

I enjoyed reading Zuri’s story and her transformation from a woman who limited knowledge in respect of managing her finances. Desirous of improving her financial literacy, she embarks on a journey of controlling and managing her finances. 

***🥰🥰lessons*** #TheSmartMoneyWoman

Use your platform to champion the cause of those important to be you.

Managing your finances is a gateway to manage your life’s.

Money is never enough: I like the fact that Zuri’s earning potential started off as magnificent and ended up as a stepping stone to even greater achievements.

“Anxious for Nothing by Max Lucado”

Don’t wait until you’ve reached your goal to be proud of yourself. Be proud of yourself, be proud of every step you take toward reaching that goal. #readinggoals, #goal1 ,#aladywholovestoread #mahoganybookaddictclub. So guys, my first book I’ve started reading for this month(January) is titled “Anxious for Nothing by Max Lucado”. Though i am not done reading, there are a lot of lessons i have learnt so far. In his novel, it specifically focuses on anxiety and anxiety-related issues, pointing out that they are one of the greatest health issues in modern America.

I am inspired by the premise of the book, those verses were written by Paul at such a difficult time and yet he lives in joy, I can say “yes, I want that too” and feel motivated to change to make that happen. Intellectually I am frightened by the statistics and research highlighting the silent epidemic that is anxiety and the horrible effects of a life lived anxious. Max paints a vivid picture of why, logically, we need this change. Practically, I have things to do at the end of each chapter and they really make a difference. The lines I loved says it best:
“You can’t run the world but you can entrust it to God.”
“We choose prayer over despair. Peace happens when people pray”
“The good life begins, not when circumstance change, but when our attitude toward them does.

Lesson learnt: In order to release ourselves from the grip of anxiety, we must learn to face the calamities of life.

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“Nobody knows my name” James Baldwin

This book is honest and I believe that it had a significant value for honesty. James Baldwin through “Nobody knows my name” Helps me to appreciate the Ins and outs, ups and downs(and everything in between) of being a black man in this world. I love how he helps me connect the dots somehow, that all black men across the globe are almost the same person because they have faced (for hundreds of years) the same problem; oppression from the white man.


Can you imagine, it was so interesting to see how these writers were discussing about Pan African ism in all its complexities back then, especially because of the respective sociopolitical climates each writer was living in during that time.

It’s all about the little things

Karen Wodstrup

Hello my lovely readers! Yes, it’s me. I’m still here. If you hadn’t noticed already then I’ve been ‘gone’ for a good month now. Long story short: Like every other human on this earth, I’ve basically just been extremely busy. We all have those periods and when it get’s ‘too much’ it’s important to say STOP. So that’s what I’ve been doing the last month, however I’m back in business now.

For today’s post I’ve decided to share with you “the little things in life”. Over the past month I’ve really noticed all the little things in my life, which just makes each day a tiny bit better. And like Joy from Inside Out says: “A great day will turn into a great life”. Which I COMPLETELY agree with.

  • Early and brisk morning walks
  • Tea (and hot beverages in general) which has THE PERFECT temperature
  • Evening showers and then…

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